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The ministry, Gospel Light International Ministries (GLIM) a.k.a. New Covenant Gospel Church, was founded officially on Sunday January 3, 1988. The International Headquarters of the Ministry is based in the ancient City of Benin in Southern Nigeria.

It was founded by Rev Dr Felix I. Omobude, one of Nigeria’s foremost Gospel ministers. New Covenant Gospel Church is a leading Pentecostal church in Nigeria, with over 80 branch churches and several other affiliate ministries spread across the nation and overseas.

The name Gospel Light did not just come as a mental research. By the circumstances which surrounded me at that point in time, I had cause to leave town, cease from circulation to go and pray.

This actually took place at the Precious Palm Royal Hotel (along Benin UgbowoLagos Road). Room No 404 was where I lodged locked, myself up and seeking the face of God. I was confused due to the many troubles that surrounded me then.

There I encountered God and he told me to unconditionally forgive all those I perceived hurt me. And He insisted that I did that before he told me the next stage or step to be taken. “Lord but you know that all they are saying about me is not true”, and God said to me, if you want to be useful to me unconditionally forgive them, let them go”. That I did then.

In fact in that vision, He put a light in my hand and asked me to continue to light others with the light in my hand and whosoever I did that to also continued to light others and before you knew it, there was a large assembly of light bearers.

That is how the gospel light came to be. That vision is still what we’re trying to push, whether through TV, our humanitarian outreach (Life Lift Int’l.), educational arm, etc, that vision is still there with us

The Future Of GLIM

For us as a Church, we have gone through a lot. 12 persons in a sitting room at 5, Ukpenbo Street, off Otote Textile Mill Road, Benin City (my personal sitting room) to behind the house under palm leaves, later relocated to Eddray Hotel along TV road near Oliha Market, Benin City. And it’s been ongoing.

The train has not come to a stop yet and as long as we commit ourselves faithfully, to God, the future is in His hands and there is nothing you put in His (God’s) hands that depreciates. We must lift our heads high, follow wherever He leads us.